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AgriBusiness / Agricultral Sales

This course combines farm management, agribusiness management, and content based on agricultural economic principles. Computer applications are included to enhance student understanding and utilization of current technology. Units include human relations, verbal and written communication, microcomputers in agriculture, economic principles, agribusiness management, agribusiness planning and analysis, and retail agriculture. This course can be taken to meet the personal finance requirement needed for graduation.

Program Details about AgriBusiness / Agricultral Sales

Instructor: Brian Weed

Students in this program will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to become employed in an entry level position in the construction trades industry. This program teaches carpentry skills utilizing classroom and hands-on project based training. Entry in to an occupation related to this program's field of study does not require national and/or state licensure or have any unique requirements for advancement.

Program Details about Carpentry
CASE™ Animal and Plant Biotechnology


Animal and Plant Biotechnology, a specialization course in the CASE™ Program of Study, provides students with experiences in industry appropriate applications of biotechnology related to plant and animal agriculture. 

Program Details about CASE™ Animal and Plant Biotechnology
CASE™ Intro to AFNR

Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) introduces students to the range of agricultural opportunities and the pathways of study they may pursue.

Program Details about CASE™ Intro to AFNR
CASE™ Principles of Plant Science


Course Description

Principles of Agricultural Science - Plant (ASP) course provides a foundation of plant science knowledge and skills. Students will experience various plant science concepts through exciting "hands-on" activities, projects, and problems.

Program Details about CASE™ Principles of Plant Science
Collision Repair and Finishing

Instructor: Tony Berning 

In the Collision Repair and Refinish program, students will learn the basics of auto body repair through classroom and hands on experience in the auto collision shop. In the shop students will master the skills involving various hand and power tools, lifting equipment, and welding. Most work will be on passenger cars and light duty pickups, to familiarize students with materials, techniques, and new technologies.

Program Details about Collision Repair and Finishing
Communication Arts High School Credit

Instructor: Michael Lund

Hillyard Technical Center offers 1/2 credit in Communication Arts to students attending HTC from outside the St. Joseph School District who complete 1 - three hour career and technical education program and specific additional academic criteria. Students who complete a second 3 hour CTE program in the same field may earn an additional 1/2 math credit. Students from the St. Joseph School District are ineligible to apply for this credit.

Program Details about Communication Arts High School Credit
Computer Aid Drafting Technology

Instructor: Roger Mapel

The age of computers has brought significant change to the fields of design, drafting, engineering, architecture, and the various other fields related to these areas. This course will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment in various design and drafting areas. Approximately 80% of the student's time will be spent on a computer, 20% on board basics.

Program Details about Computer Aid Drafting Technology
Computer Service Technology

Instructor: Bobby Clark

This program prepares students to troubleshoot, repair and maintain computers, printers, servers, software, and networking systems. Computer technician jobs are readily available at the present time and offer opportunities for both full-time and part-time work.

Program Details about Computer Service Technology
Diesel Technology

Instructor: Chad Dudley 

The course is a two-year program offered at Hillyard Technical Center to train students in the knowledge and fundamental skills needed to obtain their certification as a Diesel Mechanic. Students will learn the basics of the diesel engine, its components, and how to correctly and safely repair/service them. Additionally, students will learn to service, repair, and maintain other systems associated with diesel-powered trucks. 

Early Childhood Professions

Instructor:  Dana Smith

Students completing this two-year program will learn the basics of early childhood development, as well as basic care and education for children from the ages of birth through second grade.  The second year of the program will be largely focused on “hands on” learning experiences.  Students will be prepared to either work in an early childhood setting upon completion or continue their post-secondary education.  Students who complete the 2-year program will have the opportunity to earn either certification as a Missouri Paraprofessional or their Child Development Associate credential.

Electronics Technology

Instructor: Chad Bray

Electronics is an expanding field. Job opportunities are growing in robotics and bionics maintenance, repair, and design; computers; and communication stations (earth and space) maintenance, repair, and design, and automation. This program teaches the basic skills to open the door to the wonders of the world that have yet to be dreamed.

Program Details about Electronics Technology
Emergency Medical Technician Basic

Instructor: Angie Jones

Lives often depend on the quick reactions and competent care of emergency medical professionals. People in Emergency Medical Services must respond quickly, often making split-second decisions, which mean the difference between life and death. Students in this program will learn, through a combination of classroom and hands-on experiences, the care and transportation of the sick and injured essentials of lifesaving through emergency medical procedures.

Program Details about Emergency Medical Technician Basic
Heating, Ventilation, AC, Refrigeration

*This program is not available at this time

This program is for students who want to work on refrigeration, air conditioning or heating units and systems for Cooling and Heating Contractors, Fuel Oil Dealers, School Systems, or Manufacturing Plants.

Program Details about Heating, Ventilation, AC, Refrigeration
Mathematics High School Credit

Instructor: Kevin Heyde

Hillyard Technical Center offers 1/2 credit in math to students attending HTC from outside the St. Joseph School District who complete 1 - three hour career and technical education program and specific additional academic criteria. Students who complete a second 3 hour CTE program in the same field may earn an additional 1/2 math credit. Students from the St. Joseph School District are ineligible to apply for this credit. Enrollment in this course must be done through the high school counselor. Students should not rely solely on this credit to meet graduation requirements.

Program Details about Mathematics High School Credit
Veterinary Science

Instructor: Daniel Kahre

This course is designed for students that desire to pursue a career as a veterinarian, become a veterinarian assistant, or work in a related field through the study of scientific principals used to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases in animals used for meat and as companions.

Program Details about Veterinary Science
Welding Technology

Instructor: Sean Edwards

Students will learn different welding processes to weld on carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel for fabrication of, but not limited to; boilers, lifting devices, boom trucks, metal buildings, nearly anything metal. Also covered is the construction of bridges, large buildings, and pipelines, etc.

Program Details about Welding Technology